Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sorry to see winter go?

Dix bad?

Nope, just glowering at Dial and Nippletop who got the better of me one humid day a few summers ago. I got me a score to settle!

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Accept it with a smile!

Like all good things, winter is coming to an end!

P.S. Pics from another hike up Baxter.

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Another White Mountains spring break

Crawford Notch from Macomber Visiter center

I just spent a week snowshoeing and hiking around the White Mountains. Last year at around this time there was a tropical warm spell in March that was too "spring-like" and the trails were soft. Temps this time were more winter-like as it was above 0 the first day I was there and well under the rest of the week. Low temps are fine as long as the sun is out and the trails were nice and hard making microspikes the selected mode of transport.

  • On an overcast and warm day I hiked Mt Starr King and Waumbek to make another dent in the NH 4000 footers. No views to be had but there was plenty of cool rime coating of evergreen trees near the summits
  • On a much colder but sunny day I hiked up Mt Willard. Views were awesome and surprisingly I had it to myself for about a half hour.
  • Mt Crawford should have had the best views of all the hikes but there were overcast skies. I caught a few glimpses of what should have been but this will have to be hiked again on a clear day.
  • A quick trip up to Lonesome Lake was a great idea on a bluebird day. This is a magical spot and especially so when you can walk across the lake!
  • Some of the tourist centric spots along the Kancamaugus Highway are really quiet in the winter. Rocky Gorge, especially, was a real relaxing spot to sit and watch the Swift river flow by!
  • Shopping as always was cheap and tax free! 

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