Thursday, 23 August 2012

A great week in New Hampshire

Liberty, Lincoln and Lafayette from Flume

I spent a great week in New Hampshire with beautiful dry sunny weather. As usual the scenery was awesome and I even got to hike with a local celebrity for a few hours. The hikes included:

  • A quick jog up to the Osceola east peak via the Greeley Ponds trail
  • A relaxing stroll up the Osseo trail (a real gem) to Mts Flume and then Liberty for some of the finest views in the White Mountains
  • A nice hike up Avalon, Field and Willey from Crawford depot. I was joined for the section from Avalon to Field and Willey and back by John of J&J fame. J (John Gutowski), who lives nearby,  was a real pleasure to hike with and veritable fountain of local hiking information. I especially liked the views of Webster cliffs and Crawford Notch from Mt Willey.
A rest day was spent in North Conway shopping as New Hampshire is still without sales tax. This time the good weather lasted longer than I did but not to worry, I will return!

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