Sunday, 4 July 2010

Lake Arnold again?!?!

Gray Peak 002

Gray Peak 043
Following my recent half successful hike of Skylight and Gray, I had to go back and finish the job. Since this weekend marks the combined celebration of Canadian and American holidays I opted to take the less travelled Lake Arnold/Feldspar approach. Less travelled perhaps except by me. This would be my third trip along the Lake Arnold trail in a month (Cliff, Skylight and now Gray). As I made my way along I wondered to myself if this qualified me for some sort of discount or maybe helicopter ride back from the Feldspar lean to??

Gray Peak 031
The holiday weekend solitude was complete as I didn't encounter a soul all the way to summit of Gray. There were however a lot of different kinds song birds chirping and singing as I followed these familiar trails which made for nice company. The herd path to Gray is steep, wet and muddy but mercifully short. I managed to stay dry and made it to a short cliff section where there is a tenuous detour around to the right. I was almost more nervous on this stretch than I would have been on the cliff as it does not appear to be very stable. I bet it will itself need a detour in the future. The summit itself has some surprisingly nice view, especially of the slide on the back of Colden and from a distance of Big Slide. It is always a highlight for me to get a view of Big Slide from a peak.

Gray Peak 022
I gave some thought to the bushwack over to Mt Marcy but after about 50 yards I decided not. I met my first person of the day on the way back down the herd path. Back at Lake Tear I gave some thought to returning via Mt Marcy but it was hot and I figured by then it would be a carnival up there. I stopped at the Feldspar lean to to see if that helicopter would show up. I spent a half hour snacking and easing my sore feet in the soothing waters of the Opolescent Brook but the copter never showed. A slow slog out on a hot afternoon and I'm happy to say that I won't be walking that trail again for a long while.

Next stop ... Allen ... who's in?

Gray Peak 020

Gray Peak 036

Gray Peak 045

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