Sunday, 28 October 2012

Last hike of the season - Cascade and Porter

Cascade from route 73

Haystack, Big Slide and Marcy from Porter

I took advantage of a day of summer weather on friday in an otherwise cold wet autumn that is due to get even colder and wetter with the approaching "frankenstorm".  I left home at the civilized hour of 7am and arrived at the Cascade/Porter trailhead on route 73 around 10:30. I made my way up the surprisingly wet trail and was soon at the split where I was reminded of how much snow falls in these mountains. As the following picture shows, a trail sign on a post that is 5-6 feet tall is almost buried by snow in the winter.

Cascade, Porter and Phelps 156

I opted first for the peace and quiet of Porter. It didn't look as I remembered it but then it has been a while and I think this is the first time I had been there on a clear non-winter day. Both of these peaks are high on the views vs effort scale. Porter is more wooded but there is enough of small ledge to easily see over the trees. After some quiet time in between groups I headed over to Cascade. There were less people there than I would have guessed on such a nice day. The views from Cascade are spectacular although I would recommend arriving either early morning or late afternoon so that you are not looking into the sun as well as at the view that ranges from Algonquin to Giant from west to east. After a quick descent I was back in my car and then back home by 7pm.

Fingers crossed that the coming storm takes it easy on the Adirondacks!

More pics from this hike.

Pics from a snowshoe hike in March.

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Exploring "shorties" in Keene Valley

Route 9N valley from Baxter mountain Owl's Head
Cascade and Pitchoff from Owl's Head Cascade and Porter from Big Crow

After the long weekend I returned to the adirondacks for more leaf peeping. There was a cold snap that caused a lot of the leaves around Lake Placid to drop but it was still fall in all it's glory as you headed down route 73 past Cascade to Keene valley. The Keene valley has several peaks that are not on the 46er list that have exceptional views for minimal effort. Often the best views are from lower peaks that are in amongst or looking up at bigger mountains. It snowed overnight while I was there which added to the leaf peeping experience by providing the contrast between the snow covered peak and the fall colors on the lower slopes.

Enjoy the leafy goodness!

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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Roostercomb leaf peeping!

Brothers and Porter range from Roostercomb

I went for a nice hike on friday up Roostercomb. I hoped to catch a small clear weather window and avoid the hordes on the long weekend. This is a great hike as it is a short walk up a nice gentle switchback trail to an open summit that has stellar views of the Brothers, the Porter range and Giant. There is also an interesting perspective of the Great range although that part was in clouds on friday.

The fall colours are near peak and the views were well worth the effort. There was a nice soft blanket of leaves covering the trail. All in all a very nice day and a peak I will be sure to revisit in winter conditions.

More pics from the hike

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

If I were you, I would go sit on this bench!

Just sayin!

Wolf trail bench

 Wolf trail bench (feet)

More pics

If you decide to go, let me know and I may join you.