Monday, 5 October 2015

ADK Leaf Peeping - Round 1

The autumn colors have been late coming this year. I guess this is the down side to having plenty of dry sunny weather well into September. I went for a couple of days of hikes last week to take in some colors. The weather wasn't the best (frosty temps and skies mostly overcast) but it is always great to be out for a fall hike. I enjoyed a loop over Giant's Nubble from the Roaring Brook trail although I would recommend the Ridge trail for views when hiking to Giant itself. I really enjoyed the new trail from route 9N to Hurricane mountain. It has an awesome view that combines the views of it's lower neighbors like Big Crow, Baxter etc. The trail is soft underfoot and a gentle slope until a short scramble at the summit. A crew were finishing work on the fire tower as I arrived. Hurricane will be a great option for a snowshoe hike this winter!

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