Saturday, 21 November 2009

Looking for snow

P7, Keogan 010

P7, Keogan 012
We are currently in-between seasons. Fall is almost past and the leaves long since dropped. The days are pretty cold and daylight is too short for any long hikes in the Adirondacks. Although we were teased with some of the white stuff a few weeks ago there is no snow on the ground either. I figured I would head up to the Gatineau Park today for a hike and check if there was any snow hiding at higher elevations. There was none.

P7, Keogan 011
I hiked from P7 along Ridge road to the intersection with the Fortune Parkway. The main trail was mostly dry but all the side trails looked pretty wet. It was pretty quiet with the occasional group of hikers and a few mountain bikers. The wind was definitely winter like but not carrying any white flakes. I stopped at Keogan for a while taking photos of blue jays at the bird feeder. That got me thinking that I was kind of hungry so I headed back. Near the top of Suicide corner I saw a ten pointer male white tailed deer. Although he strutted slowly across the trail I was too slow getting my camera out of the bag. It is not uncommon to see females and youngsters but that is the first time I have ever seen a male.  Too bad because that would have made an awesome photo! The forecast for next week does mention some flurries. Let's hope they stick.

P7, Keogan 034

P7, Keogan 014

P7, Keogan 001

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